Green heating in churches

Save from 25 to 70% on your heating bill and energy with church pewter heating panels.

Elpan and Wanpan heating panels emit 70% radiant heat and are therefore suitable for heating in churches, as you should preferably have a fast and efficient heating, with as short a heating period as possible, as a continuous heating is to the detriment of frescoes, altarpieces and furniture. .

Download PDF on heating in churches

Elpan or Wanpan heating module for installation under a church pew. The panel will quickly heat the bench seat and radiant heat out on the legs of those sitting on the bench, thereby making it feel warm to sit in the church room, even if the temperature is not so high.

Elpan Wanpan heating panels heat a myriad of churches. The heating takes place quickly in the areas where the panels are mounted. The panels typically sit under the pews and around the wall. Thereby you have heating where heat is most needed.

Wanpan i Kirche Kaisten Schweiz

Wanpan i Kirche Kaisten Schweiz