Elpan is a modular heating system of electric panels that is connected to 230 volts via a thermostat.

Design and operation:
Elpan heating system is a modular electric panel heating system that is almost invisible, but provides a comfortable heat transfer throughout the room.

The Elpan heating panel is mounted instead of a foot panel around the room and provides a comfortable transition between floor and wall. Elpan’s heat transfer system was developed over 30 years ago and has over time been further developed in terms of design, so that today it stands in a modern and timeless design. The heating panels that are mounted around the rooms emit 70% radiant heat into the room and only 30% convection heat up the wall. Tests show that there is only a very small difference in the temperature in the room with the Elpan heat transfer system compared to if you choose a traditional radiator.

The products:

The Elpan modules are produced in 3 different lengths: 120 cm., 85 cm. and 40 cm. These modules are assembled into a long heating panel. The height is only 12 cm. and the width only 1.7 cm. In any spaces between the heating panels, blind pieces are mounted, so you get a uniform look all the way around the room. The panels are available in 2 different colors: in white RAL 9010 and in light gray RAL 7035.


With the new precise control thermostats, the Elpan heating panels have become more economically correct to heat the home / cottage with. At the same time, you can also control the heating system for many different lowering of temperatures during the week, with night and day lowering where you sleep or are at work.