Wanpan heating system is a modular heating panel system, intended for hot water heating from gas boilers, oil boilers, district heating, geothermal or similar energy sources.

Design and operation

The panels are mounted around the wall along the floor throughout the room, thereby achieving the comfortable heat transfer heating and a stylish look.

With Wanpan panels, there are no feed pipes to be seen in the room as for traditional radiators, everything is hidden away behind the panels, and there is only one supply of hot water per. room if there is less than 15 meters of panel.

You can also use Wanpan in electric houses that need to be converted to water heating, as you have the option of pulling feed pipes to other rooms behind the Wanpan heating panel, thereby avoiding having to chop up the floor in many places.

The Wanpan panels have connection for reciprocating flow next to each other.

The products

The Wanpan modules are produced in lengths from 20 cm., By 20 cm. interval, up to the longest at 320 cm. These modules are assembled into a long panel in the room. In the spaces between the heating modules, blind pieces are mounted, so you get a uniform appearance all around.

The depth of the panel is only 2.5 cm., The height is only 13.5 cm. incl. 0.5 cm. carpet edge concealer. The panels are available in 2 different colors: white RAL 9010 and in light gray RAL 7035.

Electrical installations

In the Wanpan panels, you can also mount your electrical installations in the heating panel itself. The installer installs electrical cables before setting up the heating panel, and then installs sockets and switches in the blind pieces. Thereby you get sockets around the wall, so you minimize cable clutter for lamps, home office, TV etc.

In addition to sockets, you can also have switches mounted for computer, telephone or antenna, Wanpan mounting box fits all switches that have a dimension of 50mm x 50mm.