I + 2R Digital from thermostat


Digital watch thermostat – Instat + 2R – The intelligent thermostat.

Energy saving thermostat:

Instat + 2R is the new generation of intelligent thermostats.
The thermostat itself learns how long it takes to reach a given temperature in the individual room. The built-in microprocessor controls the temperature variably in the room around the desired temperature. In this way of managing, you save on your heating costs and help to make our world greener.


The thermostat has 3 encode standard programs for day, night and weekend lowering. These can easily be changed according to your own needs.
Large legible display.
Easy to switch from programmed temperature to fixed temperature at any. party or holiday.
Easy to program
Can control up to 16 amps.
Operation is powered by 2 x 1.5 volt batteries. (lasts about 3 years)
Measures 13.7cm. x 9.6cm. x 3.1cm.

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Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 8 cm